Former Detroit building official gets probation, $3,000 fine in bribe case

Son of Mafia boss found not guilty of racketeering

People vs M.C. (2018)

Michigan Court of Appeals reverses and remands convictions for two counts of CSC due to “improper admission of the other-acts evidence” that “undermine[d] the reliability of the jury’s verdict and [because] it is more probable than not that, had this evidence not been admitted, the result of the proceeding would have been different.” Id. at 6.

Kim Stout hired for sentencing only and client receives ten instead of government recommended 20 years in prison for ecstasy drug operation in Detroit..

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Kim Stout may be able to present evidence on behalf of Josette Buendia in the Detroit school principal scandal.

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Businessman gets 21 months in Macomb County corruption scandal

People vs. P. P., Frank Murphy Hall of Justice (2017)

2 seven year felonies reduced to one 93 day misdemeanor

People vs K.A. (2016)

Two Manufacturing/Delivery of Marijuana charges reduced to one misdemeanor, simple possession

People vs D.J. (2016), Jury trial

Found Not Guilty of CSC, First Degree (life offense), found Guilty of Home Invasion, First Degree

People vs N.O. (2016)

Dismissal of felony firearm and armed robbery at preliminary examination.

People of the State of Michigan vs AMR (2015)

Michigan Court of Appeals, affirmed trial court’s decision to dismiss a serious charge despite prosecutor’s argument against dismissal.

People of the State of Michigan vs M.K. (2015)

Southfield District Court (46th) – Jury trial on the misdemeanor charge of Domestic Violence.  Not Guilty verdict in 10 minutes.

People of the State of Michigan vs E.K. (2014)

Oakland County Circuit Court – Jury trial on 3 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree (life offense). Not Guilty verdict in 30 minutes.

People of the State of Michigan vs V.W. (2014)

Macomb County Circuit Court – Jury trial on Assault with Intent to Commit Murder reduced to Assault with Intent to Commit Great Bodily Harm, resulting in the ability to receive a juvenile sentence as opposed to an adult prison sentence.

United States of America vs J. G. (2010)

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan – Jury trial on Unlawful Collection of a Debt. Not Guilty.