• From a client in federal prison
    realizing his sentence was much shorter than most for similar crimes

    "You were honest and never made any promises. You have helped me more than you can imagine. Since my email is being monitored I will not elaborate. However, some day, I will take the time and explain. Take care, and thank you for your humanity."
  • From a client in federal prison:

    "I want to thank you from the bottom Of my heart. Not just for being my lawyer, but for your words of encouragement. And for your genuine concern for the betterment of my life. Kim, it's truly hard finding someone who believes in you, I have trouble believing in myself."
  • From a client for whom Kimberly W. Stout tried the case:

    "'Thank you for standing by me, and with me during a horrific part of my life. Thank you for believing in me and thank you for being not just my lawyer but a friend..."
  • From a client who Kimberly W. Stout obtained plea bargained

    "Thank you so much for all your help with my case. I know that nobody could've gotten me a better deal. I really appreciate it."

  • "Thank you for helping me and baby - you are the best!"

  • "Thank you for your advise - it calmed me."
  • A client’s comment, Dr. P, when my Dad was ill:

    “When I was in trouble you gave me hug.It was a miracle because your hug calmed down my anxiety,it made me feel that everything would be alright and set my mind at peace while you did not have to say a word.Now it is my turn to return that hug to you and wishfully it be as strong as yours to share and absorb your grief as much as it could.”


Posted by S.F. (mother of juvenile)
November 29, 2023
We want to thank you so much for your resilience and being so supportive and so smart...you are amazing and I will forever be grateful for you. Thank you thank you thank you.


Posted by B.D. (father of juvenile)
November 29, 2023
...thank you for giving my son a chance in life to be the person who we all dream of to be, and thank you for keeping him away from the dark side of life.


Posted by Juanita
June 15, 2017
I met with Kimberly yesterday. She is so well informed and a complete wealth of knowledge as well as compassion.


Posted by Nabil
March 9, 2016
Kimberly stout saved my daughter a 25 years probation, and another 5 years felony, she got both cases dismiss. I highly recommend her to anyone as your criminal defender.


Dear Ms. Stout:

Thank you so very much for all of your help & support. A huge weight has been lifted and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Dear Ms. Stout:

“I would like to thank you for working on my boyfriend [BT’s]case.  He has told me he feels that you are a better attorney & working more in his interest than any of the others that he tried to work with, You have been prompt in communicating with [BT] and myself.  Which has been 100% better than our past experience & much more professional.  I told him if you want a job done right, ask a woman….


Dear Ms. Stout:

“Just wanted to tell you something…we are embarking on Friday for a 10 day [family] trip….for the first time in EIGHT years, There were times I thought this would never happen…but YOU (and God) made this possible.  There are no words to thank you enough, but please know you are always in my prayers with a great full heart.


Dear Ms. Stout:
For all these years of waiting I felt like Damocles with a sword hanging over his head, However, I did believe in you from the first day we met when you told me with a smile “I’m Kim.” So I have waited as you told me to do. Finally, the wait ended miraculously on Thursday 31st of March, 2016. The favorable outcome was obviously due to your charisma and professional prowess combined that effectively persuaded Jude [federal Judge named]to abide by your proposition. My wife and I would like to take this opportunity consigning to you our token kudos and thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Warmest regard,

B.P. and S.P.”